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New Mobile App Development

From concept to release and beyond

Conceptualising and delivering an app to your users requires experience and foresight. We can help you reach your goal, bringing experience from engineering over 30 iOS apps.

Security Tools Development

Custom security tools

Developing custom in-house security tools gives your company an advantage over using publicly available tools.

Automation and Scripting

Powerful process enhancements

Scripting languages can control complex automation systems, reducing cost and time-wastage or repetitive tasks. Quality Assurance and testing automation, system analysis, maintenance, administrative tasks, code-generation tools. The possibilities are endless.

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Mobile App Security

Protect your user's data

User's expect their data to be secure and unavailable to prying eyes. Various engineering techniques can be used to protect your applications against data breaches.

Mobile App Features and Enhancements

Keep the edge on your competitors

Users value app improvements and enhancements. With experience working on many existing projects, we know how to take your app to the next level. Analytics systems for targeted KPI monitoring and adaption gives you the edge to stay ahead.

System Profiling and Optimisation

Boost your app's performance

App optimisation greatly improves the user experience of your applications, from loading times to data cost reductions.

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Engineering Plans

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Improve your development operations

Streamlining the development process and automating the release management of an app can vastly reduce time waste and cost.

Legacy System Modernisation

Bring legacy apps into the future

When legacy systems result in higher maintenance costs or impede the addition of new features, it's time to bring the system into the future so the focus can return to the user's experience.

System Architecture Documentation

Making sense of complex systems

Systems grow and inevitably become complex. We can help document existing systems that have grown out of control.

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Software Maintenance and Management

Maintaining and managing existing apps

Mobile app ecosystems change and evolve. If you have apps that require maintenance and management, we can take it off your hands so you can ensure a continuous service for your users.

Embedded Systems Development

IoT and connected devices

IoT is growing at a rapid pace. Low level machine knowledge and engineering experience is required to succeed with efficient, secure and reliable embedded systems.

Beta Testing Setup and Management

Get critical user feedback

Involving users early on in the development lifecycle ensures the product is focused and delivers real-world results.

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