Custom security tools. To the core.

Deep system knowledge and control.

Developing and owning your own private security tools, such as detection or monitoring systems, puts you at an advantage against threats. Custom offensive tools allow you to test your defence and response handling.

Penetration Testing Toolchains

Scripting the data management and automation of various penetration testing tools to fit your requirements greatly speeds up repetitive parts of the workflow.

Kernel Programming

Kernel modules and extensions offer unparalleled power for certain use-cases. From network firewalls to event monitoring and triggers, the possibilities are vast.

Offensive/Defensive Tooling

We can build offensive tools to test your systems and defensive tools to protect them. From custom scanners and attack systems to firewalls and anomaly detection.

Low-Level Coding

We use assembly languages to directly control the processor. Particularly useful for embedded systems and shellcode.

Custom Shellcoding

Custom shellcode development on various platforms with custom encoders and polymorphic decoder generators. Undetectable.

Malware Knowledge

Researching powerful malware techniques and engines provides vital knowledge for custom security tool development.

Vulnerability Assessment

Applications are vulnerable to various attacks. We can conduct code auditing and various exploit development techniques to assess your applications for vulnerabilities, protecting your users.

Operating System Internals

Deep knowledge of multiple operating systems' internal structures and mechanisms.

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