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Software Engineering and Consulting Services


Specialists on the iOS platform

Future proof code using Swift. Elegant and efficient.

Applying industry leading best practices

Agile development lifecycle

Continuous integration and delivery




Mobile Product Expertise

Application Development

We have been engineering applications on the iOS platform since the very beginning. Experience across the full development lifecycle.

Server-Side Development

Building the support that iOS applications require. Authentication, data synchronisation, real-time socket communication, etc.

Operations Infrastructure

CI/CD setup for streamlining QA and automating the test, report and distribution phases of the lifecycle.

Framework Development

We can build future-proof frameworks enabling you to rapidly develop new apps with reusable components.


Successful applications are built around a solid user experience, where logical, goal driven solutions are required.


Data driven product development and KPI tracking. Determine how users are using your app and validate UX flows.

System Performance Optimisation

Instrumentation and profiling experts diving deep into the internals of your apps to optimise and increase performance.


This requires system auditing and evaluation before a safe and robust re-architecture can take place.


Scythe wavetable synthesizer


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